The Print Run.

When I was young my father owned his own Mobile Home Business in Bay City MI. He was quite successful for a while as I have some very memorable childhood Christmases. My dad was more of a doer for the good than what might be called a shrewd business man. He was a man of principle first, but got into some financial trouble and some ill advised business advise and along with the soaring interest rates of the late 70's and early 80's was more than the business could stand.

I can remember being extremely proud of my dad and working for him through my teenage years. I was always proud to work for him and his company - Kregel Mobile Homes. I have often thought if he had made it through those tough years that I would have enjoyed very much taking over the family business and I often wonder how different my life would be had he made it though. He always wanted me to go to college, get a degree and be successful in life.

This leads me to my decision to start my own "gig". I have tried a few different things that fizzled out because I didn't analyze the situation but just wanted to do something, I have this internal calling and need to do my own thing. Since I have 30 years of printing experience I tried to think of a need in the print market for the North GA/Chattanooga area, something that I personally saw and something that I knew could help printers, print buyers and designers. The thought that came to me was a Print Buyer Advocate. Being on the front lines of the print world, I saw a lot of files being submitted to printers that were submitted as print ready but were no where near print ready. I saw files that were full of random PANTONE colors and I knew the designer did not understand what PANTONE colors meant to the printer. I saw printers trying to explain to their customers what was going on, some of the printers were afraid to talk to their clients about the files thinking the customer would pull the job. I never understood this thought process but it has lead me to selling my services to the designers and print buyers as their advocate. Print Buyer Attorney, if you will.

I am offering to the Print Buyers and Designers in the Print Market my 30 years of experience in the print world.

Are you a Print Buyer? A Designer? Do you need help with buying print? Do you understand icc color profiles? The difference between litho printing, digital print, or screen printing? Color spaces? This is only the tip of the iceberg of all the variables in the print world that can and will affect how your pieces get printed. I can help you build your files for the best fit on material, for mailings, for proper color and for best print specifications that will best fit your needs as the print buyer or make you the Designer that printers prefer.

My vision is to provide such a service that will benefit myself, the printer, the designers, the print buyers and effectively the market as a whole.

I am a capitalist at heart, I love America and I still believe in the American Dream!

Contact me if you are in need of a printing friend.