What I Believe

My philosophy to motivate people is that true motivation comes from within, not from without. I can only stir that motivation in others, possibly awaken it, guide it and direct it. 

I believe that there is more to being a leader than telling people what to do and how to do it. 

There are certain values that are Core to me that are an internal part of who I am, these will rarely change, but there are also processes and procedures that should constantly be monitored and changed when a new and improved way of doing things is discovered. 

I believe in treating others the way I want them to treat me. With dignity and respect and yet accountability. 

I believe people come to work and genuinely want to do their best and they need management to make sure they have the proper tools to do their job. They need the support of management. They need to know that the manager has a proper balance of the company's interest and the employee's interest in mind. 

I believe that it is generally managers that get in the way of people achieving their best. 

I want people to succeed not just at work but I want them to succeed in life as a whole. 

If I have been a positive influence in somebody's life and helped them achieve their fullest potential I consider myself successful. 

Some people have walls in their minds which has taken years to build and they are difficult walls to scale. These walls take time to disassemble and the long term results are what I am after. Part of the tearing down of these walls means that I, as the manager, need to prove myself to them, show them that I am serious about why I am here and I really believe what I say I believe. If they see an inconsistency in what I do and what I say I believe they will not follow me. The biggest issue I see between departments is communication. Sometimes we try to communicate through email, which can and often is, taken the wrong way, then it fosters and becomes a huge issue when a simple phone call could resolve the question. We all have to stop taking things the wrong way and stop majoring on the minors. These are the things that have plagued companies for years. All of which starts at the top and filters down. The ranks of people need to see the leaders walking the walk and living what they say they believe before any change can take place in their hearts and minds.