Our Core Purpose is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth one business transaction at a time.

We are Americans that love God and Country and we still believe in the American Dream. We believe a handshake still means something.

We believe in working for a living, resting 1 day out of  7 and that we all reap what we sow. 

We believe in the pioneer spirit. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We dream of helping the community, the church and loving our neighbor as ourselves, in short, bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. We plan to do our part by building a business that is profitable in order to help ourselves and others.

We are an American business run by Americans that are proud to be Americans. We love the Lord Jesus, the American Dream, Liberty, Old Glory, Freedom and all that America has stood for in the past.

We believe in limited government, the Free Market and good ole’ fashion competition.


Our Mission

To instruct every Law Abiding Citizen in America to have the proper attitude & instruction so they can exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms safely.